We are the premier school of self defense here in Henderson, NV.  At Relson Gracie Team HK Las Vegas, our main focus is teaching our students how to survive real life situations.  More and more we hear news of innocent people being victimized. Why Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu?  BECAUSE IT WORKS!

You don’t need to be a well tuned athlete or have any prior martial arts training!  I tell my students that the journey of Jiu Jitsu is a marathon, not a sprint!  You learn and train at your own pace.   Like Grandmaster Relson Gracie used to tell me, “day by day, this is the process”.

Our classes are designed to take the beginner and instruct them in the fundamentals of street defense utilizing the various techniques necessary to protect oneself in the unfortunate event of a street altercation.  There are many variables in a street fight and our curriculum will address many of the crucial aspects such as avoiding strikes while being able to safely engage the attacker and also escaping various “victim” like positions.  Classes are available for both men, women and children.